The Bishop Neumann High School Class of ’72 has chosen to sponsor a Rainwater Collection System for our 45th class reunion project. Our classmates, Judy and Joe Jay, have visited Uganda multiple times with the Ugandan Water Project and have seen firsthand the vital role that clean water plays in the daily lives of the people. Each Rainwater Collection System can provide water for up to 100 families and the system lasts about 30 years with minimal maintenance. We invite you to join us as we work together to bring safe drinking water to a community in Uganda!

“WATER!!!! May I NEVER take for granted the ease I have to pour out of my tap at ANY time. Water for tea, for cooking, for washing, for showering, for watering my gardens and not worry that I won\’t have enough; and not to worry about parasites, typhoid, and other water-borne diseases!


May I ALWAYS remember that there are people on this earth in 2017 who DO NOT have the \”privilege\” to get this very basic need for life!


May I NEVER forget the people who wait in line for HOURS to fill up jerry-cans at bore holes (wells) DAILY; or people, children who travel miles and miles to gather water from dirty, disease ridden, water-holes; or the children unable to go to school because water-collecting takes up their day; or the people who die needlessly due to water-borne diseases!


May I ALWAYS remember to pray for and support organizations like the Ugandan Water Project, which provides FREELY to these peoples much needed, life sustaining water, tanks and water-filtering systems. Witnessing this has been a life-changer and I’ll NEVER be the same again!!!” – Judy Jay