A lot of us have had our worlds turned upside-down in the last couple of weeks–some more than others. We’re wrangling fear on the daily now; we’re juggling WAY more balls than we can reasonably manage.

I don’t know about you, but for me, something that has kept me feeling afloat is seeing small acts of kindness: Someone dropping by with an item I couldn’t find at the grocery store. Someone offering my kids free online art classes. Someone calling just to check in. Coronavirus makes people feel more vulnerable–and sometimes, when people feel vulnerable, they are capable of greater compassion for all the other vulnerable people in the world.

So I’d like to ask my family and friends to pause for just a moment, in the midst of this crisis, and extend a small act of kindness to vulnerable people. As you all know, I lived in Rwanda through my daughter’s major health emergency last year. These last few weeks, my heart has gone out to Africa. Imagine facing coronavirus in a community where no one–not even the health workers–has clean water readily available to wash their hands.

As you probably know, I work for the Ugandan Water Project, which implements clean water systems in vulnerable communities. Since I’m married to a water engineer, I’ve spent 10 years as an “international water sector groupie,” and I’ll tell you, having seen the UWP inside and out: These people do great work. They do the sort of projects you’d want someone to do for you if the situation were reversed: Top quality systems, with the maximum possible support. I’m proud to work for them, and proud to ask you to support our incredible team.

Right now, we at the UWP need your support to keep bringing clean water to communities in desperate need. Our biggest fundraiser of the year–an annual 5K–was cancelled (because…obviously). So we’re doing things differently…which means I will actually get to lace up my walking shoes! On April 4, I’ll be walking a “remote 5K” along with my co-workers and others who are passionate about ending Uganda’s water crisis. I’ve set a personal goal of raising $750 in sponsorships.

Will you consider helping me reach that goal with a small act of kindness? If everyone reading this gave $10, I’d easily reach and probably surpass that goal.

Small acts of kindness.
When we receive them, we glimpse a glimmer of hope.
When we give them, we buoy our own hearts, even–and perhaps especially–in the midst of a storm.