BESO Foundation is partnering with the Ugandan Water Project to co-fund and install four Rainwater Collection Systems (RCS) at BESO’s St. Mark Schools. These systems will benefit over 1,000 students across both the Primary and High School in the 2020 school year!

​BESO’s aim is to break the cycle of poverty in rural Uganda through access to quality education for children, mostly girls, and economic empowerment for women. 

One aspect of providing quality education is the wellbeing of the students. It is because BESO Foundation cares not just for the educational development for their students but also for their health and wellbeing that we are partnering with the Ugandan Water Project to co-fund four Rainwater Collection Systems (RCS) to be installed at our schools in Uganda.

BESO needs 4 more RCS to support the water need at our schools and to provide our students with clean, safe drinking water. If our BESO supporters will contribute the $7,200 to fund the first two systems, then UWP will contribute the second $7,200 to fund the remaining two systems.

Within 30-60 days after we reach our goal, UWP’s skilled crew will install the four tanks and our students will have on-site access to safe drinking water! Will you be a part of bringing clean and plentiful water to our students?

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