Fresh Water For Namabasa

After visiting Namabasa, Uganda in 2009, Linda McKanna, Jon McKanna, Traci Earnest, and Sally Farnick with the A Child Lives team have been working to bring stability to this rural village.  Through Reverend Abraham in Namabasa and the team, A Child Lives has found ways to stay connected, helping establish a school and build a church over the years.  The largest need for this community is for fresh, safe drinking water.  Women and children walk miles just to reach water that is contaminated, causing many to suffer from typhoid and cholera.  Fresh water is critical to the health and futures of the Namabasa community.

With clean water, life will flourish! Partner with A Child Lives as they raise funds for point-of-use water filters and a rainwater collection system to bring clean, safe water to this vibrant community of Ugandans!

This project is a collaboration with our friends at Thirst Relief (  The Ugandan Water Project is the implementing partner on the ground while both organizations are working to support A Child Lives and their team in the fundraising process.  Partnerships like this help to leverage the power of community to impact real places like Namabasa.