Sawyer Point One Filters

We couldn’t be more thrilled about the impact Sawyer filters are having on Uganda! In Uganda there is a dire need of both access to water and purification of water. Through pairing our rainwater collection systems with the amazing standard of purity achieved by Sawyer’s hollow fiber membrane filters, we’re able to tackle both problems. We use Sawyer filters both as an addition to our system by attaching it to the tap and as a standalone system designed to use any existing source of water.  Through partnering with Sawyer and people like you we’ve been able to bring hundreds of filters to Uganda, adding them to our new installations, retrofitting older projects with them, and giving them to communities to use with existing sources of water. Each of these will last up to 10 years and filter as many as 1,000,000 gallons in its lifetime!

Take a tour of Sawyer’s website to learn more about the filter we use and this awesome company that is making them. Once you see how amazing this technology is, consider sponsoring one below!

Sawyer Point One Filter


Sawyer Point One Filter complete with barrel, connections, transport to Uganda, installation, and training!

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