The Welches in Uganda

In May of 2016 our family moved back to Uganda! We’re so excited and blessed to be able to serve the people here with our work through the Ugandan Water Project. Richard has joined the senior staff in UWP’s Ugandan Office, where serves as the Operations Manager, managing the day-to-day administration of our office, developing systems to improve our supply chain for water projects, implementing a monitoring and evaluation program of our work to measure the impact we’re having, and exploring strategic connections with other organizations and stakeholders. Through this work and other opportunities our family is engaged in the local community, building relationships and loving people as we seek to share our lives with them. We can’t wait to see all that God will do in and through us and our kids as we embrace this season of pursuing Him! Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support as we continue on this journey together!

Welches Monthly Partnership

Our monthly partners fingerprints are on everything we touch. As we move back to Uganda this year to manage the UWP operations and administration, we’re looking for people to partner with us as we work to bring clean water to communities all across the country. There is nothing more essential to enabling our work than the people who join hands with us to make it possible. Our budget covers all of the expenses involved in making life possible in Uganda while also helping to facilitate the work we’re doing there. We are overwhelmingly blessed by the faithfulness of our monthly partners. Since 2010 we have been privileged to be loved and supported by this incredible group of people and we’re so excited for this season as we see our team grow and expand with the work before us. Would you consider being a part of this team?

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Welch One Time Gifts

Help support our work in the US and Uganda as we seek to show people love in action through the gift of clean water!



As we’re serving in Uganda you can be a part of our work here! In May of this year we moved our family back to Uganda to manage the operations and administration of the UWP office. If you want to have a hand in it and monthly partnership isn’t a great fit right now, please consider a one-time gift to enable us to continue serving here. We are so blessed by all of the hands that have joined together to make this possible. Thank you in advance! 

Our New Home!

Toggle the Satellite on to see an aerial view of our house and yard, zoom out to see where we are in Uganda, Africa, and the world!

Where We Live!