Calling forth the inner hero in your students to mobilize a generation that will change the world.


Enhance your curriculum with practical, real-life object lessons through our three- part Water Walk Campaign. Designed with flexibility in mind and anchored to strong community values, this program can be adjusted to accommodate any age group and curricular topic. The Water Walk Campaign has been championed by history teachers, 7th grade English classes, 3rd grade students reading A Long Walk to Water, and even kindergarteners learning about the science of water.


Looking for a deep dive into a practical, real-world issue with tie-ins to all your curriciular objectives? Our five-part Curriculum for Change builds off of the Water Walk Campaign program to immerse your students in the world of water through a full day of our specialized curriculum for grades 5-8. Featuring interactive lessons in reading, math, science, social studies, language arts and critical thinking, our Curriculum for Change is sure to provide valuable insight to you and your students!

“If I left teaching tomorrow, I can safely say that this experience was the most remarkable and rewarding thing I’ve ever done with kids. It brought out a humanity and beauty in our students unlike anything I have ever seen.” – Lynn Elibol, ELA teacher at Clarence Middle Schoo (Clarence, NY)

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