Sweet Home Middle School Project

Unbridled potential was what we started with a year ago at Sweet Home Middle School. Spurred on by their incredible teachers, these 6th grade students set out to do something about the problems they were encountering through reading A Long Walk To Water and hearing about the challenges kids like them were facing from the UWP assembly. Their incredible potential was realized as they captivated their friends and family with their passion and drive to be a part of the solution, raising nearly $13,000 in just 3 weeks!

That was last year. We celebrate what we accomplish, and then look ahead with resolve towards what's ahead, recognizing that the past serves as an amazing launching pad to the great things that await us. As a unified group, the entire school is now coming together for what will undoubtedly be a defining moment for these students as they set their sights even higher.

$20,000 is a big number, but it means unimaginably big things. For the lives of thousands of students in Uganda at Hope International School and the other schools that will receive clean water from this campaign, it means a hope and a future. Your gift has the power to resonate through generations, instilling value in the students and teachers at Sweet Home as you join hands with them, and bringing decades of clean water to students striving for a life something like what our kids get to live. Reach down deep and give as generously as you know how to be a part of changing the world, one cup of clean water at a time. Give Water, Give Life!

Pledged of 20000 Goal
Ended on

Be a part of this incredible movement as the students of Sweet Home rally together to have another amazing impact, bringing clean water to students in Uganda!

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