UWP Monthly Partnership

The Ugandan Water Project, together with our partners and supporters, has brought clean water to more than 70,000 people in more than 200 communities across Uganda in the past 7 years.  As we begin 2016, we are preparing to impact another 25,000 people THIS YEAR!

In order to take advantage of the opportunities in front of us, we are inviting YOU to join those who are playing the most vital role by becoming a MONTHLY PARTNER!

Monthly Partners provide the blood and oxygen that allow UWP to improve our work on the ground and refine our solutions.  Some Monthly Partners give larger amounts allowing the organisation to take significant steps forward all at once.  Other Monthly Partners provide the smaller, steady funding that keep our vehicles bouncing down the red dirt roads and the lights on in our offices.

Your decision to join us in this way has direct impact on our growth. Thank you for your vision and courage to take action.

Our goal is to add $2,000/month in new monthly funding – as you join us in this challenge, consider inviting a few friends and colleagues to join you by sharing a link to this page on social media or email.

Together, you are helping the Ugandan Water Project to:

Give Water and Give Life!

UWP Monthly Partnership

Join hands with us by becoming a monthly partner as we work together to Give Water and Give Life! 

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