Sponsored Runner


Being a sponsored runner is your opportunity to step up and make a huge impact in the world. Our sponsored runners do so much to bring transformation to Uganda by taking the time to invite others into the process. We’re building an army of advocates and unleashing you into your communities to bring people together to make a difference.  By raising $50 your race fee will be waived, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of your potential. Your voice matters, and if you get excited about this, you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of dollars come in! You’ll also have a chance to win one of our great prizes that go to our top fundraisers!

Want to enter our team competition?

Enter a team name when you fill out your registration form and have everyone else from your team who signs up do the same. We’ll build you a team page alongside the other teams so you can see how much each person has brought in online. Whichever team raises the most will hold the highly coveted, hand-carved Ugandan Team Trophy until next years race!

Online Registration for Sponsored Runners is now closed. You can still run for free, just bring your donations of at least $50 in cash or checks to the race!